Drive9 Media

Drive9 Media is the targeted media company representing the web community We represent the #1 Ford Mustang Enthusiast site on the web. With over 170,000 registered users, StangNet delivers superior content and offers highly effective advertising and marketing solutions in the Ford Mustang aftermarket.

Superior content

As a leading automotive web publisher, StangNet strives to provide superior quality content. We know that quality content equals results and that is why we do our best to provide our users with information that will benefit them.

Explore StangNet and you will not only find the latest Mustang news, but one of the largest Ford Mustang discussion forums on the Internet. Enthusiasts populate the forum area daily. Our ad technology helps you to reach that “live” audience. Currently, StangNet receives over 500,000 visitors per month.

Targeted Reach

The content published on StangNet provides advertisers with targeted ad placements. Focusing on the Ford Mustang from its inception until now, our following is demographically distributed among enthusiasts of all ages. Ultimately, our main users are ages 23 to 36 years of age and 95% male. Advertisers on StangNet are certain to reach the audience they are looking for.

Optimal Results

Offering site-specific and run-of-network ad placements, we deliver results through expert advice and intelligent technology. We will recommend placement options and present a strategy to reliably deliver your target audience that is appropriate for your campaign.

Automotive Expertise

StangNet was founded by Michael Raburn in 1997 when his love of the Ford Mustangs inspired a web community that has grown into a following of thousands. Today, the name StangNet is synonymous with Ford Mustang on the Internet. Trust our 10 plus years of experience on the web. Our advertising campaign management team is composed of enthusiasts that are driven to promote the Ford Mustang.

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